Bub #1 is quite the artist. Our home has become a gallery of his work. ;) #family b a d c
Busted nose healing well. I can breathe again and looks like the scar will be faint. Call me Wolverine. ;) b a d c
b a d c
Hulk guards the doorway; protecting Bub #2’s breakfast from the dreaded Three Legged Chihuahua of Doom. b a d c
Toads-in-a-hole? Check.

Spidey spatula? Check.

T-minus awesome breakfast with the fam & counting. b a d c
I find your status as an Easter Egg disturbing. b a d c

"The world is a dangerous place to live. Not because of the people who are evil; but because of the people who don’t do anything about it."

- Albert Einstein
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While the Directors & DP are scouting in Iceland, business marches forward back at home.

#production #bokehmovie #whatyoublur (at KMG Visuals) b a d c
The sign is up. Must be official. (at KMG Visuals) b a d c
In retrospect, I should have gone to the ER and gotten a stitch or two. #thatsgonnaleaveamark b a d c
b a d c
These new LED lights from BBS Lighting out of Denmark. Super clean, long throw & low/no heat.  #NAB b a d c
Fainted. Fell flat on my face. Thankfully, my nose broke my fall. Third broken nose.  The lesson? When sick, eat. b a d c
Saw this leaving #NAB. That is not a brand, it is jumble. Some dotcom culture is just plain silly. (at Peppermill Restaurant) b a d c
Great to connect with @goprocases today at #NAB. These guys have amazing attention to detail. #protectyourkit (at Central Expo Hall) b a d c
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