Shot this on my iPhone 5s with Pro HDR. Most of my IG shots are also shot on the 5DM3 or GH4.

Today, I finally processed the GH4 version of this shot. As happy as I am with this, the GH4 shot is worlds better. Will be putting it up on 500px soon and it is likely to appear in a post on @PhotoFocus soon as well. b a d c
Vegas sunsets can be pretty spectacular.

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Best ramen I’ve had this side of Tokyo. Bar none. (at Shoku Ramen-ya) b a d c
These hibachi-grilled sausages were a real treat! (at Bachi Burger) b a d c
To my fellow members of Tram @bokehmovie, a touristy celebration of last June AND the successful Kickstarter led by @katgatti!  Well done all! b a d c
Introducing my dino-obsessed 4yo to “Valley of the Gwangi”.

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Hello lover.

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#Repost from @brienelermitte

Woohoo! The Kickstarter Campaign for my feature film, Bokeh, just reached its stretch goal of $45,000. You know what that means? Every backer receives the digital score (soundtrack) of Bokeh! So, for just $12 you’ll be able to download my film and its score. Highly recommended. 
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It is Draft Day!

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It’s official. We have a cyborg chihuahua.  

Two thought come to mind.

1. We need to soup up the rig.  33” mudders would be a start.

2. I think we might have an IG/Vine star in the making here. :) b a d c

Light’s Connection to Emotion

Light’s Connection to Emotion

Color is the way our eyes perceive how energetic light waves are.

A sunset. A flag. The eyes of your beloved. That shiny new car.

The feelings they inspire happen when something inside you is triggered by a particular variation in the frequency and energy of light waves.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

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"You don’t take a photograph, you make it."

- Ansel Adams
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Who run Bartertown? b a d c
Added a couple of classics to my library today. Looking forward to digging in.

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