Excited to see the poster & trailer for “Land Ho!”, our fellow Iceland production, at the local cineplex! – View on Path. b a d c
Have NEVER cared for beets.  Had seconds of these.

#trynewthings (at Settebello: Las Vegas) b a d c
Lunch and a movie with my best friend on our 9th anniversary.  Thanks for being mine @kellydaulton! (at Settebello: Las Vegas) b a d c

"During the shooting of a scene the director’s eye has to catch even the minutest detail. But this does not mean glaring concentratedly at the set. While the cameras are rolling, I rarely look directly at the actors, but focus my gaze somewhere else. By doing this I sense instantly when something isn’t right. Watching something does not mean fixing your gaze on it, but being aware of it in a natural way. I believe this is what the medieval Noh playwright and theorist Zeami meant by ‘watching with a detached gaze.’"

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You may recall my recent trip to Iceland, where we shot @BokehMovie, a scifi/drama feature film.

Today, we launched our Kickstarter to help cover post-production costs. Please have a look and consider backing and sharing the campaign.

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Recently acquired. Very stripped down, simple presentation. Looking forward to diving in when my schedule permits.

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We found two young bucks. ;) b a d c
Bub #2 does this when you say “thumbs up”.  We’re working on it.

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"Gear is good – Vision is Better!"

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Delivery Room Selfie!  No surprises for friends & family. :)

Very proud to be capturing the event for dear friends.  (at Summerlin Hospital Medical Center) b a d c
Our newest U.S. Citizen, Olivia Correa! 

Congratulations!!! (at Las Vegas Federal Courthouse.) b a d c
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"To me, the Widow is a part of Joss. It really is. I think about Joss, I think about him being part Hulk and part Widow.


I don’t know if he would agree with that, but I’ve really thought a lot about, “What is Joss?”

He’s all of his characters, of course, like every great writer."

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Something magical about seeing @bokehmovie on a big screen for the first time.

@geoffreyorthwein is killing the Kickstarter launch video. Made easier, I am sure, by such gorgeous frames from @18acre.

#bokehmovie #whatyoublur  (at Centennial Hills, NV) b a d c
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